Connectivity Solutions for Fleet and Commercial Customers

Are you already a customer of Mercedes PRO connect or are you interested in our connectivity solutions for fleet and commercial customers? Then you have come to the right place.

Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH – as a fully owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz AG – offers a variety of connectivity services for fleet management. As a commercial customer, you can receive real-time vehicle data for optimizing your own fleet. For your Mercedes-Benz vehicles there is no need for any retrofit hardware. For all other brands we can offer the appropriate hardware.

You have the choice of consuming your vehicle data via a web-based portal solution or via a technical interface. You can obtain the solutions from our cooperation partners or directly from us. You can consume vehicle data via web-based portal solutions or via a technical interface.

Which product are you interested in?

Technical Interface

Are you looking to integrate the data of your fleet vehicles into an existing system or software of your company? No problem. 

We can provide vehicle data to you via our technical interface. You have the full flexibility about processing the data in the way you want.

Portal for Fleet Management

Are you looking for the full package that not only offers you raw vehicle data but also includes a frontend with graphical representation, analyses and more? No problem. 

There are different partner solutions for fleet management portals. In any case, you can choose the product that fits best to your requirements.